4 Common Vermont Air Conditioning Problems

vermont air conditioning problems

Summer in Vermont means it’s time for air conditioning. As people start getting their systems ready for this season’s use, many of the most common air conditioning problems will start surfacing. If you experience any of the problems below, consider contacting a professional HVAC company to help you resolve them before they affect your comfort.

1. Leaking or Low Refrigerant

The issue of low refrigerant could be a simple matter of recharging the system, but it could also be related to a bigger air conditioning problem—leaking. If this is the case, adding more refrigerant won’t be effective. A trained HVAC technician will need to repair the leak as well as test and recharge the system. Your air conditioner will perform most efficiently when the refrigerant is neither undercharged nor overcharged, so having a professional complete this repair is absolutely necessary.

While refrigerant leaks are a common Vermont air conditioning problem, they should be stopped as soon as possible once discovered. Air conditioning refrigerant is a type of chlorofluorocarbon, or CFC, which can do damage to the environment. This kind of problem can also harm your air conditioner itself, as low refrigerant means the system has to kick into overdrive, leading to damage that could be expensive to repair.

2. Electronic Control Failure

If your air conditioner is turned off and on frequently, the electrical components that control the compressor and fan can wear out more easily. When this happens, it becomes hard or impossible for the electric current to pass effectively and start the motor. Electrical connections in your system should be checked as part of your regular air conditioning maintenance service calls.

3. Clogged Condensation Line/Condensate Drain

Vermont summers can get humid, and this can be a problem for your air conditioner’s condensate drain. Check the drain to make sure it isn’t clogged by either an obstruction or poor draining from not being mounted levelly. Clearing the drain line may require the assistance of an HVAC professional. You should also make sure the drain line hasn’t been accidentally disconnected leading to water leaking by the system.

4. Poor Maintenance and Upkeep

Regular HVAC maintenance can help prevent many of the air conditioning problems listed above, but many people fail to perform it or to call a professional for a routine service call. Not maintaining your AC unit can lead to expensive or inconvenient failures like the ones in this article. Even seemingly simple tasks like replacing the air filter on a regular basis can help keep your system working at peak performance for longer.

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