Vermont Air Conditioning Repair: 3 Signs You May Need to Fix Your AC

air conditioning repair

It can be easy to forget about your air conditioning system—until something goes wrong. While regular maintenance and cleaning will help keep your system performing at peak efficiency, there are a few telltale signs that something is wrong and your air conditioning may need to be repaired. If you notice any of the symptoms below, you should contact a professional for an assessment to spot potential problems before they get worse.

1. Increased Cooling Costs

You probably have a good idea of how much it typically costs to cool your home. If you suddenly notice that your cooling bill has spiked, it may be a sign that you’re in need of air conditioning repair. An increased energy bill coupled with an average or even lower amount of cooling means that your system is not running as efficiently as it should be. Your evaporator and condenser coils could need cleaning and maintenance, or your refrigerant could be low, both of which can reduce the system’s ability to cool your home, increase energy costs, and reduce the life of the equipment.

2. Strange Sounds or Odors

Many people assume that air conditioners naturally make strange sounds, and it’s true that no air conditioner is completely silent. But if you hear something out of the ordinary from your AC, like grating, clunking or whistling, that’s a sign that it is time to have it looked at. In many cases, the sounds could be caused by something as simple as a loose screw or a disconnected part, but if left unchecked a small problem can easily get bigger.

Another sign that your air conditioner needs some work is if you notice an unpleasant smell when it’s running. This could be a variety of issues from mold growing in the unit or ducts, a dead animal, a dirty or clogged air conditioner, a short circuit, or burned out wire insulation. If you notice any of these smells, it’s time for an air conditioning repair.

3. Uneven Temperatures or Low Air Flow

This is an obvious sign that your system is in need of air conditioning repair. One of the main purposes of air conditioners is to make buildings more comfortable, and it will be noticeable if you begin experiencing uneven temperatures and low air flow.

If you notice that the air pumping through your vents is weak and you have recently cleaned or replaced your air filter, your blower could be in need of replacing or your compressor could be failing.

If you find that your air conditioner simply isn’t doing its job and there are spots of uneven temperature in your home, this could be a sign that serious repair or air conditioning replacement is needed.

If you suspect any problems with your air conditioning system, it’s best to have it inspected by a professional HVAC company to solve any problems before they get any bigger or more expensive.